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The only way to Develop a Brand is to fully immerse in every aspect of brand identities.

That includes the developing core values, redefining mission statements, messaging patterns, voice tonality and much more beyond your customer’s expectation, to WOW them with the experience they get throughout the journey.

How Can 10x help me develop a Brand?

We can start with understanding the customers, decision-makers, the influencers of your business, this is the key to learn about the audience persona and how we can align the brand accordingly.

On the basis of it, we try to understand the core values of the company, and how they can help the audience, which leads us to make a beautiful relevant symbol, and strategies to communicate further with the audience through different platforms.

What is covered in Brand Messaging?

It’s a continuous process, it starts with value proposition, key differentiators, brand principles, organizational culture, product positioning and etc… which converts into specific messages which reflects the brand elements into it.

How can we digitally build a brand?

When we are through with Brand guidelines, our first aim goes to reach the customers and spread the awareness through different platforms, it could be on social media, emails, blogs or through micro or macro-influencers.

Is ReBranding a better strategy for my business?

Not necessary, but if you have a sense of thought that ReBranding is needed, you first need to start with why? What is it that’s missing in this brand that my next brand would achieve or help in achieving? ReBranding is a prominent service we give but that’s what we ask our clients, what is it that it’s going to achieve when we rebrand your business?

Creative Branding Company, In India.

The Objective of Branding is to create multiple touchpoints of communication with your consumers.

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If you have a business and you’re willing to make it a BRAND! 2020 is the BEST time.