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10X Digital Marketing Strategy Proposal

  • Tejas Gusani
  • Posted by Tejas Gusani
September 29, 2022

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  • Tejas Gusani
  • Posted by Tejas Gusani
September 10, 2022

we are targeting approximately 1.5 crores urban, employed women who are consuming organic products, and also are decision makers for their own purchases (be it online or offline).

with this market share, we have an opportunity to stand out with our product design, product quality, product shelf life, and consistent engagement to gain brand recall.

what is our product, actually?

we are offering wellness products and our SKU are onion shampoo, aloe vera gel, hair vitalizer and further wellness products which are yet to be defined.

what are our possible USPs?

our recent outlined USPs are

  • bottle design - the bottles would be in the shape of the Onion for online shampoo, aloe vera leaf bottle for aloe vera gel and further each product would have its ingredient's origins design.
  • the quality of the product at a lower cost - it is profound, and the cost varients are lower than most of the competitive brands with similar categories of products.

who are we targeting?

we are targeting working women in urban societies of Indian cities.

  • these women are the decision-makers and consumers who range from the age of 12 to 45.
  • females from age 12 to 23 are mostly the consumers and women from age 24 to 45 are the women who would take the decisions.
  • the economic class of the target audience would be
  • average middle class, with yearly earning of 5 lakcs+
  • intermediate class with an average yearly earning of 7 to 10 laks+
  • and upper middle class with average yearly earnings of 15 to 25 lacks.

what are the major traits of our target audience?

  • they have grit, integrity, and the will to take decisions for themselves.
  • these women are elegant, graceful, and change-makers of society.
  • these females are attracted to WOW factors.
  • these women are product's result oriented

who are we competing with within the market?

we are competing with chemical-based, early entrant companies which has got major market hold for shampoo, gel and other cosmetic & lifestyle products. these companies are:

  • lakme
  • himalaya
  • patanjali
  • avon
  • vlcc
  • mama earth
  • Garnier
  • loreal
  • nykaa

these are the companies which have got our accurate target audience.

what is the list of cosmetic products which are in demand in the lifestyle and cosmetics category?

  • moisturizer
  • hair oil
  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • lip balm

there are other products too however, our audience's priority products are as listed above.

so how do we name ourselves?

our product design concept has the charm to stand out on shelves, at a general store, grocery shopping centres and other placement locations like pharmacies etc...

and to connect with our target audience, we were convinced with the name Garima...

what is the meaning of Garima?

  • garima's first quick meaning is dignity, and also means status, grace, integrity, symbolic example, etc.
  • garima is also widely familiar with our target audience.
  • each female would have at least 3 known people with the name garima in their lifetime.
  • each male in the vicinity of our target audience is at least known by the name garima.
  • mom, sister, grandmother, daughter - every social position of a female would be able to say the name, easily.
  • Thus, with these factors, the BRAND recall becomes easier.
  • also, by giving the origin of the product (onion shape of the bottle as an example) we are maintaining the garima of the origin as well.

but can we make the name look international?

here's what we did to make it look international,

and also it would be easily pronounced by the international audience (B2B and B2C)

the brand name is Garéma

Garéma would be pronounced as Garima and would have no issues in registration and trademarks as there are no products or brands with the spell of garima as Garéma.

3 vowel name makes it easy to recall in the international market too.

and it stands equal with all leading brands, aesthetically; here's a look.

this is how our product would look like with brand identity

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