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Strength of Digital Marketing in 2020

“Imagine! You Can Show up in front of someone who is looking for you, RIGHT NOW!“

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To 10x Your Business! You need to show up to your Audience, Digitally, EVERYDAY! EVERYWHERE!

The key strength of Digital Marketing is that it has enabled businesses to reach its EXACT Target Audience, and deliver their message, real-time at an affordable budget.

What does 10x do in Digital Marketing?

We Perform The Mix of Multiple Digital Mediums and Activities, which are defined in the Digital Marketing Strategy when we finalise the Digital Marketing Project.

The Digital Marketing Strategy Defines the priorities and actionable tasks from the areas below:

  • Digital Data Analysis,
  • Goal Definition,
  • User Experience Corrections or Changes, &
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing (retargeting and remarketing)
  • Pay Per Click (retargeting and remarketing)
  • Email Marketing (Automation)
  • Content Marketing
  • Report and Analysis
  • Web changes and or corrections
  • Sales Funnel Development
  • Content Creation

Sounds doable?

Let’s start with the Digital Marketing Strategy

How is 10x Different from Other Digital Marketing Agencies?

Our Experience of understanding human behaviour & prioritizing it in our process makes us different from others. It gives us creative ways to reach the right audience. it reflects in our service too and to experience it, you must hire us 🙂 


Also! We are aware of our Mistakes!

Our team has spent 15+ years in Serving Digital Services to different niche and domains. And those 15+ years weren’t without failures and mistakes which has only helped us, improve within and in our process.


So here are our 5 Don’ts, at 10x Digital Networks


  1. We don’t Over Commitment
  2. We don’t Hide Around
  3. We don’t keep undefined project scope
  4. We don’t start without an Action Plan, &
  5. We don’t leave without client updates


This is why you must hire 10x Digital Networks.

What budget is required for Digital Marketing?

It completely depends on what is the Goal, and how much of effort would it require to achieve it. But to give you a window for startups, to mid-scale businesses, it requires at least 700 USD a month for 3 months to get good traction. 

One Reason : Why should I Start Digital Marketing?

Because you are reading this on your mobile or desktop or laptop. And there has been some activity of marketing which got you here. 

Valid! Let’s Start Digital Marketing

Simple Methodology

To Attain Clarity on Digital Marketing Projects.



What's the Goal?



What's the Purpose behind the Goal?



How can we Achieve it?



Which Digital Mediums we need, to Show up?



By when can we see the Goal, Achieved?

"Tell us how can we be Utilized for your Digital Growth?"

We aim to be a Creative, Comprehensive Digital Marketing Company and below are the domains in which we give the best results.

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Digital Marketing is
The Right Move in 2020.