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Recruitment Agency Website Development Project

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Recruitment Agency Website Development Project


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Client Profile

Adept Recruiting Agency is a Chief Executive Resourcing agency with 8 years of experience and over 40 chief executives recruited worldwide and over 1200 executives resources in the last 8 years.



Their website had a virus attack, because of which the website’s code was infected and would take much time to revamp the entire website. We had data loss, the page structure was ruined and more, there was no website backup on the server which could be replaced.

Also, the client wanted the website to be up and live as quick as possible because the company was been searched on Google and also had direct traffic on the website.


So we suggested them to rather make a new website as their existing website was too old and its User Interface wasn’t friendly either and then debugging the website would have been a wrong move.

Thus we thought of making a website from scratch, in 3 different milestones.

  1. In the first milestone, we got the important pages live, with updated details of the company on their web pages,
  2. In the second milestone, we got their service pages, team members profiles and job opening section is done,
  3. and the third milestone, we got the entire website ready, tested and delivered.


The website now has decent traffic with 34% bounce ratio and 4.5 seconds of loading time. Also, the website has turned out to be quite liked by the users as well. The client has loved the work done by far and has signed a yearly contract with 10x to maintain their website.


Client Testimonial

We got associated with Tejas and his team for our website, it has been a great experience overall. Starting from understanding our industry and our needs in terms of the product, everything was taken care of the utmost professionalism and timely delivery. Most important is the servicing part which is something is most impressive. We wish Tejas and his team all the best in his future endeavours. Thank you!


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  • Date

    March 3, 2020

  • Skills

    Wordpress Development | Photo Edits |

  • Client

    Adept Recruiting

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