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Branding and Marketing For Asset Management Company

They stood by their name, 10x, Amazing designs, amazing concepts, and almost everything they said, they did! What a team…!!!

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Branding and Marketing For Asset Management Company


Financial Institution | Asset Management Company





Client Profile

Rising Capital Group is an Asset Management Ecosystem of 9 companies with 7 footprints worldwide and with over 8000 Associates pan India.



Rising Capital Group Pvt Ltd was earlier known as Rising Capital Zone Pvt Ltd. The client wanted 10x to rebrand their company for their 7th Anniversary. 

They had planned an event on 1st June 2019 where they had to launch their logo, the Mission and Vision of the company and also had to let your associates know that the company is now known as Rising Capital Group instead of Rising Capital Zone. 

We were awarded the project on 20th of May and technically we had only 10 days to confirm the 

    • New Logo, 
    • Website, 
    • Graphics, 
    • Billboards, 
    • Audio Visuals for the event
    • Event marketing on Facebook and Instagram and had to do
    • Invitation Design

We loved it when Client asked us “Do you guys know Golden Ratio? we need our logo to be in Golden Ratio”

That’s when we though, it’s a fun, long association we are into (agencies like us love it when our clients are prepared with what’s of their requirements)

Also, the client wanted the website to be up and live as quick as possible because the company was been searched on Google and had direct traffic on the website as well


We were given an open hand to apply any creative idea that we had and to be in SYNC with event date, we defined a Timeline which had almost NO error. 

    1. We delivered 3 Versions of the Logo Design, out of which the client Loved the logo below and we had finalised it on day 1.
    2. We started the visual shoot and thought of making Personalised Videos to all the eminent guests that were to attend the Event. 
      1. We made 27 Personal Invitation Videos. And they were sent to guests on their via respective WhatsApp messages. 
    3. Simultaneously, we started making the website i.e. risingcapitalgroup.com which was divided into 3 milestones.
    4. We made a Fantastic Logo Opener for the Event. 
    5. Rising Capital Group didn’t have its presence on Social Media platforms, so we started making their profile on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn to distribute the content further. 
    6. We made 11 Event Graphics, which were the Billboards for the event, the standee, the Brochure and the event invitations. 
    7. And an Audio Visual for the Event which had a fantastic response from the audience. 



The Event had over 500 attendees and they LOVED the entire event flow. More importantly, the Client was so satisfied with our services that they thought of displaying our name “Event Executed, Managed, and Made Possible by 10x” at the end of the event. We were so overwhelmed, with the respect the client gave us.


Client Testimonial

They stood by their name, 10x, Amazing designs, amazing concepts, and almost everything they said, they did! What a team…!!!


Logo Design | Website Development in Wordpress | Audio Visual | Event Digital Marketing | Event Shoot | Social Media Management

  • Date

    May 20, 2019

  • Skills

    Ideograph | Event Planning | Golden Ratio Logo Design |

  • Client

    Rising Capital Group

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