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SBR Social Digital Marketing and Website Development

The most prominent Food Park in Ahmedabad with over 50 Food stalls, 1 huge gaming zone and park to cater over 1000 people at a time. SBR Social was one of the most fun projects in 2019. 10x was a part of SBR social’s development from it’s inception.

Branding Webdesign Work

SBR Social Digital Marketing and Website Development


Hospitality | Food Park | Social Event Park



Client Profile

SBR Social is a prominent food park at Sindhu Bhavan Road, Ahmedabad with over 50 Food Joints, huge gaming zone, space to celebrate events and park which can cater up to 1500 people at a time.


SBR Social was at its inception when 10x became a part of it. We witnessed the Process and Progress of SBR Social when it was a mere map with 100s of changes.

With initial consultation sessions with Tejas Gusani, the project was awarded to 10x to make a new website, develop a custom CRM for SBRSocial manage social media, do food photography, and also manage the events at SBR Social on weekly basis.

    • Website, 
    • Graphics, 
    • Billboards, 
    • Audio Visuals 
    • Event marketing on Facebook and Instagram and 
    • Stationery Design

Also, the client wanted the website to be up and live as quick as possible because the company was been searched on Google and had direct traffic on the website as well


  1. We delivered 3 Versions of the Stationary Design, out of which the client Loved the 1st version we had finalised it.
  2. Simultaneously, we started making the website i.e. SBRSocial.com.
  3. Shot testimonials for the park from the visitors who had come to spend their time.
  4. We made social media profiles for SBRSocial.com and boosted the initial posts on Instagram and Facebook to spread the voice. 
  5. Post-launch, we came across the 31st December 2019 event, which we were asked to promote on 29th of December 2019, and we took a strategic move in making the campaigns on Instagram and Facebook which lead to 90+ Online bookings, and over 1200 footfall at the park.



As a result, the park had an average of 900 footfalls every day a week. And Online engagement rate was over 12% with the kind of content we use to upload. The client was happy with the results and had awarded us with a yearly contract.


Client Testimonial

I thank the team at 10x and Tejas gusani to get us what we wanted. The CRM, the website and social media was done fine. We strongly believe in their skills and hard work… must hire.



Website Development | Social Media Marketing | Digital Marketing | Instagram and Facebook Advertisments

  • Date

    March 29, 2019

  • Skills

    Photoshop | Wordpress | Facebook and Instagram Ads

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