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Social Media is Important now than Ever!...

Ever wondered what could Social Media add to your Business?

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Over 81% Of Internet's Population is on Social Media Platforms...

Social Media has over 3.5 BILLION Active Users World Wide according to Emarsys Report from 2019. That is almost 45% of Global Population and that's not it! people spend more than 1.45 hours on Social Media, actively, EVERYDAY!... That's the primary reason, your business must be ACTIVE on all Social Media Platforms.

Is it important to stay Active on Social Media Platforms?

Yes! For 2 Reasons,

1: being active on all 4 platforms i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn with an average of 3 posts a day can help you gain Brand Value within your target audience.

2: 3 Posts into 4 Platforms is equal to 12 pieces of information which help you market your service or product well, a day! If you do this for a month, you’re generating 360 pieces of Marketing Information, and the best thing is, it’s our responsibility to generate the information on behalf of your business.

What PR Pros have to say about Social Media Marketing?

They say “Social Media Marketing is chosen by Over 62% Of Businesses to Quick boost their business sales and to have “Real-Time Conversations” to understand their needs as well as to market the product and services. If you’re not ACTIVE on Social Media, you are losing the Trust Factor” What your business needs the Most Right Now is to stay constantly in touch with your target audience.

Is it easy to target accurate audience on Social Media?

Yes! It is Easy to target Accurate Audience on Social Media platforms but for that, you need to first understand who is the Accurate Target Audience for your business or product or service. Every Segment, Product or Service offered by your business has a different set of audience, and we can help you identify the Accurate Audience to Target on Social Media. 

Is it the right time to Start Social Media Marketing?

Absolutely yes! Let us tell you why; 

If you start your Social Media Marketing today, with 3 Posts a day on an Average on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Twitter, you generate 360 Pieces of Marketing Information for a Month i.e. 4320 Pieces of Marketing Information in a year! Which is Quite an Eyeball catching count… 

Again, the best thing is, we do that all for you! Contact Us

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