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what’s not going to change in next years? Inspired by Jeff Bezos.

An interview of Jeff Bezos, where he said

“Mostly we focus on what’s going to change in the next 10 years,

but we never ask, what’s not going to change in next 10 years?”

That wowed us at 10X

These are some of the fundamental principles of our existence that we think would never change…

From ‘Why did we not think of that?’ to “What is it that’s not changing ever in the commerce universe?”

The Evolution..

The humans were/are/would always evolve, and with it’s evolution, the need to be more agile, more progressive, more productive, more artistic, and more tech dependent & Savvy to reach its optimum potential are the fundamental needs of human evolution.

And in the process of evolution, 

the humans are only to be more humans. 

And thus! The Human connect in commerce business, is a consistent value chain that would only evolve, but never get replaced, or changed. 

Even if we turn AI into integrated humans, that would only exist for humans to evolve. 

(and we are curious to know what miracles would the neurolink do to human kind)

The Commerce Ecosystem.

Transactions would stay forever, innovations would stay forever, trial and error are forever, the human brain producing Ideas is forever, and the desire to get more in any industry, is to stay forever. 

The Currency.

We’re already transiting from coins and bills to crypto, it could be a bitcoin or Ethereum or any other crypto currency to trade with, but currency is here to stay forever!

The Market.

If there’s demand, they would make supplies, and if there’s supply, they would create demand. 

This chain of constant market making, so to say Marketing! Is here to stay forever… with Digital Access, it has only evolved the activities, but the term “Marketing” is here to stay, forever!

The Time.

We feel that technology has increased the speed of time in relative motion and also has made humans more aware of how limited their time is on the planet, and that to optimize and do more in such a limited lifetime, Time would never leave existence.

The Technology and Machine {Tools of Human Evolution}

What we experience in the world of Technology and Machine is merely the start of this whole Sci-Fi journey that we are in, on this planet!

This is here to stay forever! Until humans exist, technology and machines are the primary tools of human existence.

In my observation, I’ve learned that the planet is an epic simulation of various existence, and that all started with one seed.

That’s the only purpose of this simulation, to grow, progress, evolve.



And with that, Growth is here to stay forever!.


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10XDigital Networks

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